Amendment to the Sturgeon Heights CC Constitution

The following amendment to the Sturgeon Heights CC constitution will be voted on at the AGM April 15th 2014 7:30 pm at 210 Rita St

Motion : to replace item 9.1 of the current SHCC constitution with the following

The Nominating Committee shall at the Annual General Meeting present a slate of candidates for the positions of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer and five (5) Board Members.
In the event that more than one nomination is received for any one position an election by ballot will take place.

Nominees for the position of President and Treasurer must have served on the Board of Directors for a term not less than one (1) year prior to their election.

Should the Nominating Committee not bring forward a full slate of candidates the Chairman of the Nominating Committee shall call for additional nominations from the floor for any vacant positions.

Terms of Office:

The Executive Committee (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) shall be elected for a two year term. The election for the Positions of President and Secretary will be elected on odd years. The election for the positions for the Vice-President and Treasurer will be elected on even years. All other Board Members shall be elected for a one year term.




SATURDAY MAR 22 10 am – 12 pm

Karate Registration for Spring Session

Karate Registration for Spring Session

Spring session registration dates:

March 27 7:00 – 8:30 PM

March 28 7:00 – 8:30 PM

Sturgeon Heights Community Centre, 210 Rita St.

Due to the class size limits, Little Ninjas registrations are only accepted during the designated registration periods and are accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Registrations for age 8 and up are accepted any time before the first class at Sturgeon Heights Community Centre.

Cash or cheque only – no credit card or debit.

Classes start the week of April 7, 2014.

See for the full calendar.

Winter Carnival Raffle Winners

Winter Carnival Raffle Winners

Silent Auction:

·         Prize #1 – Nicole Dow

·         Prize #2 – Brian Kelly

·         Prize #3 – Chelsea Fielding

·         Prize #4 – Lisa Hagen-Smith

·         Prize #5 – Karl Decksheimer

·         Prize #6 – Cheryl Farrell

·         Prize #7 – Cruz Carriere

·         Prize #8 – Nina Constable

·         Prize #9 – Vera Fielding

·         Prize #10 – Seetta Roccola

·         Grand Prize #1 – Gerri Hamilton

·         Grand Prize #2 – Gary Chambers

 Buy a Square – Keri James

 50/50 – Dayna Trosky – $270.00

Spring Sports Registration

At Sturgeon Heights Community Centre 210 Rita Street

Wednesday March 5th 2014 6:30-8:30pm
Saturday March 8th 2014 9:00-12:00pm

Registrations for:

  • Mini – Soccer
  • Soccer
  • Baseball

Please Note: Baseball convenor needed immediately. If interested, please email:

Winter Karate Registrations – Additional Date

Registrations for 2014 Winter Karate session will take place on:

An additional Karate registration day will be held on January 3, 2014 from 7:00-8:30 PM

All classes start the week of January 6th.

See for details!

All registrations for the 2014 Winter session will take place at Sturgeon Heights Community Centre 210 Rita St.

Cash or cheque only – no credit card or debit.

Jack Rabbits Hockey Program

       Jack Rabbits Hockey Program at Sturgeon Heights Community Centre 2013-2014

Please Note: If you received notification of registration AFTER our registration date of November 30, 2013, please contact Curtis: to register.

We will accept registrations until the end of December 2013.

Jack Rabbits hockey is a program that teaches skating and hockey skills in a non-competitive environment. In order for children to best enjoy the Jack Rabbits program, they should possess basic skating skills.  Parents are reminded that this is not a “learn to skate” program.

The program will run Saturdays from 11:00 to 12:30 at Sturgeon Heights Community Centre on the outdoor ice.  The program will commence when outdoor ice becomes available.  The first 60 minutes will be dedicated to basic skill development and the last 30 minutes will be a scrimmage.

This program is for kids the ages of  4  to 12 who would like try hockey in a fun, relaxed atmosphere! All participants are required to have full hockey gear: Stick, Helmet with cage, Neck Guard, Mouth Guard, Shoulder Pads, Elbow Pads, Shin Pads, Pants, Socks, and Jersey.

The cost per child is $60.00 for the entire season.  If you would like to purchase a Jack Rabbits jersey for your child, there is an additional charge of $20.00. If a session can’t take place because of weather conditions (too cold, ice slushy, etc.) a partial refund will not be given.

If this is well suited for your child and you would like more information, please call the community club at 204-832-5991.

Registration Date and Time:

Saturday, November 30, 2013

  • 1:00 – 2:30 p.m.

Sturgeon Heights Community Club

210 Rita Street

Cash or Cheque only (sorry no debit or Credit Cards)


Sturgeon Heights Winter Carnival and Hockey Tournament


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